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About Us
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Call Center International (CCI) is a US-based inbound and outbound telemarketing and customer service company that allows companies to benefit from custom-designed call center solutions that are delivered in over 30 different languages. Whether the goal is to reach new market segments or to collect data from a specific demographic or language group, CCI is flexible in meeting client needs.
The philosophy that CCI promotes is that cultural connections are key to establishing long-term company / customer relationships. Language, community understanding, and a personal touch all contribute to a first impression that is positive and familiar for potential customers. Real communication goes far beyond a sales pitch or scripted response and CCI makes sure that each call does exactly this.
Clients have come to know that performance and professional standards are also part of what CCI offers through its highly-qualified team which is trained to use the latest call center equipment and management software. Whether the need is business to business, or direct to customer, CCI delivers solid results.
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